SISRenewable: Clean and Sustainable energy within your reach

The Sun holds the answer to mankind’s quest for a renewable and sustainable source of energy for the future. Unlike the other traditional sources of energy such as coal, gas and oil, solar energy is sustainable and non-polluting. In fact, it is the cleanest form of energy known to man. Simple, Clean and efficient – that is the power of the Sun. SISRenewable is established with the goal of developing a customer-centric and risk free technology to harness solar energy; and to help provide a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable source to meet the Energy needs of India. At SISRenewable, We believe that the use of renewable resource is the next revolutionary step in Energy Generation, and aim to become the premier player in Solar based photovoltaic (PV) applications in India, with Global connections.

Comprehensive and Integrated Solutions

SISRenewable products and services are designed to integrate world class systems and technology that helps generate power from the ‘abundant and free’ natural resource, the Sun. At SISRenewable, We provide the latest, reliable, ready-to-install and maintain solar power systems.

  • Our products and Services are designed to meet the harsh Indian Conditions, and to give maintenance free service over and beyond its life-cycle

  • Our Products are tested rigorously via our in-house quality control process to ensure highest quality

  • We provide benchmark Products and Services that serve both, the Rooftop and the Power Pack needs of the Customers

  • We operate through ‘Direct Marketing’ to customers for better complaint resolutions and market feedback

  • We are associated with various experts and institutions ensuring techno-commercial collaboration for all users to facilitate access and solutions round the clock

At SISRenewable, We make Solar Harvesting a Cost-Effective Energy Solution.